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For a couple of weeks now the whole world has been shaken by the tiny virus called Corona. Nations and cities have been locked downaddtext_com_MTIzMjI3NTg5NzY Christians that have based their worship on buildings, instruments and material things have been troubled as churches have been closed. This is the time to know who the true believers are! Economies have been shaken. Things tend to worsen in many countries. Many have become like the disciples with Jesus in the sinking boat in the sea. The Corona storms are still disturbing the waters of our lives. We can do quarantine and all the safety measures but we also need to awaken our “sleeping Jesus!” He is asking where is your faith? . In this situation we still preach the gospel! God will be glorified and this too will pass. Our primary vision is evangelism and we ask you to keep praying for us as we anticipate to reach more souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ…Mark 16:15

Bsp Sebastian Ombima

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